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I’d been dithering about whether or not to start a blog for months, but the UKRunChat training weekend in Eastbourne gave me the encouragement and momentum to try. I’ve taken a little while to set up this blog, and I’m sure I’ll take a little while longer to find my feet and find my voice. Although I have an idea of what I want to write about (mainly running, plus a bit of tech, plus a bit of NFL and F1) I’m happy to let this blog breathe and find its own way to be what it will be. I see it as a sort of ‘super-Twitter’ – being able to connect with other runners and bloggers but without the 140-character limit – and Twitter has worked extremely well for me. Especially UKRunChat (follow @UKRunChat and the hashtag #ukrunchat). Hence the Eastbourne training weekend.

The Eastbourne weekend was a few weeks ago now but it’s worth posting about because it was so enjoyable, it gave me the final push into blogging, and because it helped to bring together and kick-start some other ideas I’d had.

So that’ll be where I start, I think – first proper post to follow…

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