Training Update: August 2015

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Selfie in park sunshine
ParkRun selfie

August has been a crazy busy month.

We started the month on holiday in Cornwall, and despite having run while we were away I’d still lost fitness by the time we returned. It took me three weeks to get back to roughly the times I was running before we left.

However, while we were on holiday in Cornwall a rather lovely thing happened. On Sunday evening, with our little girl in bed, and my wife and I finally sat down (slumped) after a day of rock-pooling, splashing, digging and other family fun on the beach, my mobile suddenly sprang into life with Twitter notifications. I wasn’t expecting any – I’d promised (this may or may not have been through gritted teeth) not to spend the family week tweeting very much – even though UKRunChat hour was taking place. Each month UKRunChat, the online running community, prompt their members to nominate somebody from the community as Member of the Month, and apparently I’d won.

I was more than a little gob-smacked by this, especially bearing in mind previous worthy winners. I’m just me, getting the runs in and getting a bit faster and more experienced each year, so I was stunned, delighted and wriggling with happiness. UKRunChat is filled with people whom I respect and admire and I’m very proud to be a small part of it, so it meant a great deal. I received some lovely messages of congratulations, which was very touching indeed, and a reflection of the wonderful folk that running has put me into contact with. Not that I didn’t already have my UKRunChat tech tee, hoodie and ‘zoodie’ (zip-up hoodie) with me, but during the rest of the week I wore them with extra pride, beaming with happiness and feeling warm inside. Happy, happy, happy.

Back home, I got to do an interview for the website, which made me feel like a celebrity and a VIP, and the very supportive folk at Fitness Rewards sorted some free cinema tickets for the family.

At the moment, the running itself is all about the build-up to the Robin Hood Marathon at the end of September, so as well as my usual mid-week intervals and 10K morning runs I’ve been getting in some longer (15 miles and 20 miles) fasted runs. I also did my now-usual shorter distance speed weekend for Virtual Running UK, setting mile and 5K PBs at ParkRun at the end of the month. I was particularly pleased with this because I finally hit a milestone I’ve been increasingly fascinated by: a sub-six minute mile. I started off my ParkRun with an 05:57 first mile, which I was absolutely delighted with. Of course, I’d gone out way too fast and the rest of my splits dropped off ridiculously – I completely ‘Thatchered’ it, if you’re a fan of Marathon Talk as I am – but it was still an overall PB.

I’d had a groin pull that was quite painful mid-month, but after some research I self-diagnosed (a dangerous thing to do, I know) a sartorius strain. Stretching (standing quad stretches) and rest has taken care of this.

September will be all about marathon prep, with some fairly major (for me, at least) mileage planned.

Quite frankly – and I do apologise for this(!) – I’m one of those infuriating people whose running mojo is off the scale and through the roof at the moment. I’ve never had as much fun as I’m having with running and the accompanying social interaction. This mojo overload hasn’t always been, and won’t always be, the case – so I’m making the most of it. I’m simply loving living running right now.

The same can’t quite be said for life mojo, where I’m more than a little stuck in a rut and in need of shaking things up and making a change. Hence why August has been a crazy busy month, as I start some serious introspection, thinking, planning, and the beginnings of putting plans into action.

But then, that’s a whole different subject, and I’ve been meaning to write a tech-related blog post about the barriers to entry when career changing and updating IT skills.

Much to think on.

Have a good September, all.

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  1. I sometimes find that it works out that way, when the running mojo is there life tends to lag behind and when I am on it in life the running suffers. It’s hard, last week was not great for running I ballsed up a marathon quite badly, but in other news I recently started to get to grips with a developer package I have been scratching my head over for months. Maybe there is a limited mojo pot that needs to be spread out? Anyway I hope the marathon goes well and you get work sorted.


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