2016 Races

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A quick recap of my running plans and goals for 2016.

I have a bunch of races booked, and I like having the structure of the year pretty much set already. I don’t really anticipate adding many more to this, with a few exceptions:

  • I don’t have any 10k races booked yet. I need to do this. As you might remember from Rockingham in November last year, 10k is a distance I’m targeting this year. May/June onwards would be good.
  • I might throw in another marathon. I have one in April and one in May, then I don’t have another until New York in November. I’ll certainly be running full distance in training, but I might throw in another race. I would have done Robin Hood as a full marathon again, but not with those damn hills at the end.
  • I might add Spitfire Scramble – a twenty-four hour team relay race, which is something I’ve never done before – to the summer. But only if I can be part of a UKRunChat team (which would be #teamred, obviously). It’s in Essex, a long way from home in Birmingham, so we’ll see.
My 2016 races (so far)
Date Distance Race
06 March 20 miles Milton Keynes Festival of Running
13 March Half-marathon Silverstone Half-Marathon
27 March Ultra (50k) Canalathon 50k
17 April Marathon Brighton Marathon
02 May Marathon Milton Keynes Marathon
19 June Half-marathon Shrewsbury Half-Marathon
25 September Half-marathon Robin Hood Half-Marathon
(TBC) October Half-marathon Oxford Half-Marathon
06 November Marathon New York Marathon

Obviously, being part of UKRunChat means there’ll be a bunch of tweetups to go along with these races. These usually involve meeting up with everyone before the race, and sometimes a get-together afterwards. In previous years at big races like the Brighton Marathon and the London Marathon there have been meetups at the expo and a meal the night before the race too.

The biggest UKRunChat tweetup this year is at the Shrewsbury Half-Marathon. As well as being the first official UKRunChat race – a public race; UKRunChat are actually the race organisers – there’s group accommodation and a series of activities, talks and other events starting the Friday before the race. This should be the equivalent of last year’s wonderful Eastbourne training weekend. Because of travel arrangements I’ve made with giving a lift, I’ll be joining the party (probably quite literally a party) and staying overnight on Saturday, with the race on Sunday.

In addition, there’ll be some other tweetups which aren’t necessarily part of races. The first of these was this weekend, Saturday 16th January, at Milton Keynes ParkRun. I’ll get a post up about this shortly.

There’ll also be another trip to Milton Keynes in early February for a training talk evening for the Milton Keynes Marathon with more UKRunChat friends. There was talk of a group run in the afternoon too.

So quite busy so far, with perhaps a little more to come.

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