Fundraising: Running the New York Marathon for Bloodwise

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On the 6th November 2016 I’ll be running the New York Marathon, and I’m fundraising for the charity Bloodwise.

Raising money for research into blood cancer has been something I’ve strongly wanted to do for a while. For years we’ve been good friends with another couple who ended up having a son almost exactly the same age as our daughter, so we’ve been through lots together, including happy holidays with them. A couple of years ago, around the time their little girl was born, the husband was diagnosed with leukaemia.

I’ve seen leukaemia before. A work colleague lost his life to leukaemia a few years ago, and I was shocked (which is saying something, as those closest to me will know I’ve seen rather too much of the tragedies that life can throw around) at the speed with which this vicious disease wreaks its effects: he’d finished his contract in the October and was fine; by February he was gone.

As well as the love and support you might expect, people rallied around our friends in other ways too, such as fundraising. There have been skydives and Great North Runs, and I’d very much like to do my part as well, for them and for all other people going through the same thing.

So I’m going to run the New York Marathon for Bloodwise, who also offered much help and support. Although I obviously do a bit of running from time to time, New York is a step out of the ordinary for me. I haven’t been to America before and I’ll be there on my own, and I hear it’s a tough course. Every step three thousand miles away will be more worthwhile knowing that I’m helping to make a difference.

Please, please help me do this by going to my JustGiving page and making a donation. The money will be very much appreciated, and will be put to very good use.

You can find out more about Bloodwise – who they are and what they do – by going here.

If you can sponsor me I’d be very grateful, and so would they.



I’d like to put a happy ending here regarding the couple we’re friends with. But life isn’t always like that, and leukaemia doesn’t always deal in happy endings.

His funeral was in March this year.

Please help me raise as much money as I can.

Thank you.



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