Spring Forward, Fall Back

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(Bear with me – there’ll be a blog post along in a minute 😉)


*taps fingers*






(Ah, here it is… )


Yep, been a bit quiet on this blog recently.

Not many posts.

Bit of a non-blog, really. Sorry about that. This has been for some reasons.

Chief of which is that actually I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on revamping, reworking and rebooting this blog. So Future Blog has kind of overshadowed Actual Blog, with the result that Actual Blog has been a bit Dead Blog.

So while we all wait for me to finish the guff content I’m working on, I thought I’d fill in the blank space with a small update of how my running has been going.

Which is a bit like filling in a blank space with another blank space really, as it hasn’t been going terribly well.

My plans for the first half of 2017 were built around milestone sub-90 and sub-40 PB attempts at half-marathon (Silverstone in March) and 10k (Lincoln in April) respectively. These were very important to me, especially after coming so close to a sub-40 at the Worcester 10k last year (I ran 40:06, missing my goal by a mere seven seconds).

Because of all this I didn’t enter a spring marathon, so I could concentrate on building back up the speed after my piriformis injury last autumn. But a combination of illness (chest infection two weeks prior to Silverstone), another injury (three months of worsening and debilitating left foot pain which I finally admitted to myself is plantar fasciitis), and various other burdens and demands (including, among several other things, helping with a major crisis for a family member) have derailed all that.

People are telling me that the above is enough in itself to come back from, but this sounds like an excuse to me and it probably is.

Despite the PF I felt as though I was getting close to half-marathon pace leading up to Silverstone, until the chest infection knocked me way off. Or was I? Was that an illusion? Because in all other respects my times are actually going backwards – last weekend I ran my slowest ParkRun in eighteen months, despite busting a gut with effort – and I’m in a bit of a tailspin.

I didn’t run Silverstone. I’m so far off PB pace I’m unlikely to run Lincoln.

What’s going on?

Well, if you can bear any more of this super-motivational nonstop pep talk, I have a few ideas. Before I go back to working on the blog revamp, that’s what I’ll post about and talk through in the next few days.

So, as Spring officially begins and the clocks change this weekend (if you’re in the UK), for me it really is a case of springing forward yet somehow also falling back.



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