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I’ve finally got round to updating the layout of this blog. I hope you like it.

It’s not finished yet. I was going to do a big relaunch but instead I’m going to continue to tweak the layout and gradually add content – so I’ll just do it softly and leave it here…

Why Blogging?

I love running and I love writing, so a blog about running (plus a bit of NFL, F1 and tech) seems a natural and logical way to combine the two.

Also, I get so much out of other people’s blogs. Reading how people approach their running, their races, and their other interests and passions is extremely interesting and a great way of sharing. There’s so much knowledge, inspiration and motivation out there. Plus, it’s just plain nice to connect and interact with other like-minded people.

And it’s a way to ‘pass it on’. I’ve learned so much from other runners – whether in person, via blogs, via (listening to) podcasts, or via Twitter – it’s a way to pass on what I’ve learned to try to help others as much as others have helped me.

Why the New Layout?

I’ve changed the layout because the old one was rather basic and out-of-date. I wanted something a bit more modern.

I also wanted something to help separate what will hopefully be more regular blog posts on what I’m up to from ‘features’ I’m hoping/to write.

‘Features’ is a bit overly grand, I know. A bit up my own fundament. All I mean is, for example, I’m going to write a series on how I approach marathon training, so it’s there to refer back to when I end up on my soapbox about it (yet again), and hopefully/possibly as a helpful resource on the web. For example, when I first looked into glycogen depletion training in 2014 there wasn’t a lot out there. I’m going to write the sort of thing I would have found helpful back then.

That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how it works out.

The three bands of colour I’m using as a recurring theme represent the three teams I’m part of in running:

  • #teamteal is the colour of my club, Bournville Harriers.
  • #teamred is part of UKRunChat (there’s a rivalry with #teamblue).
  • #oneteam is another part of UKRunChat; red and blue combined.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any ideas or feedback, just leave a comment below.




P.S. What’s With the Name?

When I first started this blog in 2015 I wanted to call it ‘Chasing Time’. I’d still quite like to call it ‘Chasing Time’, as it fits in so many ways:

  • That’s how I have the most fun when running; it’s all about chasing faster times (well, faster for me).
  • In daily life I constantly seem to be chasing the time to fit things in – I’m busy at home and at work, and with training, blogging, tech learning and keeping up with the NFL, Formula 1 and so on. I could fill my days ten times over and still not have enough time.
  • Now I’m getting older I’m chasing time to try to run PBs while I still can.

But as a title ‘Chasing Time’ sounds like some sort of awful corporate management consultant time management course/coach/guru. So, no.

Actually, I called it ‘Up and Running’ at first. I thought it was cute because not only had I finally got a blog up and running, I was also a runner and it had “Running” in the title, and because I’m a software developer (of sorts), there was a nice little tie-in to getting code and computers up and running.

That lasted about three weeks because there’s, y’know, a rather well-known chain of running shops of that name, and the more I thought about it the more uncomfortable I became.

So I decided to change the name.

I’m not a fan of more abstract names. I could have called it, I don’t know, ‘green hat guy runs’ (I wear a green cap when I’m running) or something like that, but there are plenty of blog titles like that already, and they always sound like they’re trying a little too hard to be unique and distinctive.

So I went with the more prosaic ‘DM Run Blog’. It’s my initials, it’s simple, it ties in with the running and at least there’s a tech interpretation of it; some sort of command line prompt: DM:>RUN BLOG. (well, it’s a bit tenuous but we’ll go with it for now).

Blog Update

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