I’m David, and I’m a distance runner and coach.

I’m in my mid-forties and I’ve been running since 2004. I’m a road runner and I’m from Birmingham in the UK.

I’m proud to run for Bournville Harriers (BvH) and be part of the coaching team there. It’s a well-known and wonderfully friendly, supportive and encouraging club, and we have a wide range of athletes and abilities including fast club runners and social fun runners. Performance, participation, encouragement and enjoyment are what we’re all about. Everyone’s welcome.


I like running hard and I like running fast. I enjoy trying to improve and progress.

In reality I’m only a mid-pack runner, but with PBs of sub-20 5k, sub-40 10k and sub-90 half-marathon I’m toward the front of that mid-pack. I’m rather proud to still be setting PBs in my mid-forties too.

I’ve retired from running marathons, but my PB is 03:28 (which will always niggle because I’m capable of going faster – one day I may come back to revisit this…)


I’ve learned so much in the years I’ve been running, and have been helped by so many people, coaching is a chance to ‘pay it forward’ and pass on what I’ve learned.

I joined the coaching team at BvH recently and have been building lots of experience in planning, leading and assisting with group sessions. I’m England Athletics LiRF qualified and I’m planning to do my CiRF in 2018. I’m hoping to one day lead smaller groups and individual one-on-one coaching.

Helping lead people towards the fitness, form, strength, skills, techniques and strategies they need to achieve their goals, and watching them build the belief in themselves to go on and do even more, is just magic.


I’m also a lifelong fan of the NFL (a long-suffering Miami Dolphins fan) and Formula 1 (I follow McLaren). I’m an old-school software developer with roots going back to green-screen COBOL development, two decades of experience in Microsoft Office automation, and a very keen interest in dragging my skills into the 21st century and moving into C# and .NET.

I keep intending (so far in vain) to blog about these things as well as running.

Selfie in sunshine on wooden bridge with greenery in background

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